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At Salem we offer a variety of activities for your child to grow outside of the classroom.  Salem offers band, choir, piano, handbells, drama club, speech team, and baking club.  These fine arts activities are taught at Salem School either during the school day or afterschool, making it possible for many students to be a part of these educational opportunities. Salem has an amazingly talented and experienced staff who help kids excel in these programs outside of the school curriculum.

Mrs. Paul offers band lessons for a variety of instruments. Lessons occur during the school day and group band rehearsal takes place immediately following the school day. Students prepare for playing in worship as well as for Salem’s winter pep fest. 

Mrs. Bohlmann prepares students for singing beautifully in a variety of worship services.

Mrs. Farstad teaches beginner through advanced piano students. Students have the opportunity to play for chapel as well as participate in a spring recital. Lessons take place before, during, and after school..

Mrs. Leerssen directs students of all musical abilities in the handbell club. Students learn a variety of techniques relating to handbells and experience a new type of teamwork through music.

Drama: Students in grades K-4 participate in a spring musical every other year with rehearsals taking place during the school day. Students in grades 5-8 prepare a spring play each year with rehearsals taking place after the school day.
Speech Team: Grades 5-8 are invited to develop their public speaking skills by being a member of the speech team. Students choose a category, practice their piece, and compete at West Lutheran High School against other grade school students.
Baking Club: Students in grades 5-8 have an opportunity to learn life skills by participating in Salem’s baking club. Students work after school to bake a designated item and even get to take home some of their masterpiece!